Students in the Introduction to Electronic Engineering Technology class at Okanagan College are required to complete an electronics project for the course.  The course is a first semester course and so many students have never put together an electronics project before.  On the other hand, there are some students who have been electronics enthusiasts for a while and so have played with electronics before.  The projects do not have to be original, students do not even have to design it themselves, they just have to put it together and explain in detail how it works.  Class and lab sessions for three weeks at the end of the semester are dedicated to the project which gives about 16 hours of in class time to work on the project.  Many students spend a lot of time working on the project outside of class as well and almost all of the projects use an Arduino.  The following shows most of the projects that were completed in the Fall 2014 semester (stay tuned for details on each project):